A Bit About Us

eCom Advisor is founded by Mr. Harendra Gusain, a young entrepreneur, in October 2018. The company was started in coordination with Mr. Ravinder Rawat. Here, in the company, together with our team of skilled professionals, we develop awareness about e-commerce business in India and focus on the smooth running of the online business. We assist the seller to understand the Indian e-commerce market and launch the business online. We also help the online seller to run the daily business smoothly and work to grow the business. We have some internal software which helps our seller to manage the business and improve process and profit.

We successfully do the above said task under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Harendra Gusain, the founder, who started his career in online marketing and has considerable experience in SEO and analysis work.  During the period of 2015-2016, he gave shape to another venture in name of Tricky Mind Solution in 2016 and proved his talent in the e-commerce industry. He adroitly handled many small clients and resolved their issues of daily e-commerce process. He worked for 2 years with different clients and found the e-commerce industry in India required more attention so he and his friend (Ravinder Rawat) started eCom Advisor. They together with the team eCom Advisor make an appreciable difference to the client’s online business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to resolve every bit of issue faced by sellers in the e-commerce industry in India. We plan to wisely spend the seller’s time and money to grow their business for a profitable and successful outcome. We also give prime attention to return management, which is a common problem in India as sellers tend to lose control of the return and fake order. We are on the mission to save the seller from fraud and make their life happier. We also challenge the competitors by the astute planning of promoting online business so that our client can reap the benefits of investing in his business.

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