Flipkart is the No #1 e-commerce marketplace in India, it offers a very good deal to their customer and runs many big promotional campaigns during the year. Flipkart has many sellers and a big competitive market for the seller who would like to sell the product. This is a most ask question between seller “How to increase Flipkart Sales?” We added some helpful tips here to increase your sale on Flipkart.

1-Product Research

Your product is a key to your success; find the best selling products is a challenge on Flipkart, before start selling on Flipkart you must need to do product research. Here is some information which helps you find the best selling products on Flipkart.

  • Open Flipkart and type the product name you would like to sell and search for a product. Once you have a search result short the result by popularity. It shows the most popular product first.
  • Check the products rating it should be 4.3+
  • Check the products review, it helps you understand what the issue with the products is and how you can solve the issue.
  • Check how many products are listed on this category. Or similar to your product. A big number of the product mean there is more competition.
  • Use the Flipkart growth opportunity tool to find the top selling product.

2-Sell Original Products

Once you find the perfect product to sell you must find the genuine supplier or manufacturer of the product. You can use Alibaba, Aliexpress, Indiamart etc B2B portal to find the product. We recommended asking the supplier or manufacturer to send a sample before you finalize the product. Made a QC checklist and when you have a product do QC check. Always sell original products it will increase your sales and reduce your return. Flipkart has a big return in comparison to any other e-commerce portal so try to find the solution of the issue which you find during the product research. Always use Flipkart and product original packaging. Inbox required booklet for product utilization.

3- Competitive Pricing

Once you finalize the product and find the supplier you need to sell it with a competitive price. You should need to do the profit and loss calculation before start selling. You need to add some additional discount on this calculation which you need to give during the promotion. Competitive pricing is the best way to get more order and increase your sales.

4-High Quality Images

Images are the most important to convert the website visitor into a customer. Always use high-resolution images. The images should be 1500*1500 Px with 300 DPI or higher, Use white or light grey background and always remember the main images should show 80% product, so avoid other accessories and focus on the product.

5- Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization is most important to increase sale on Flipkart. Most of the seller only list the product on Flipkart and never care for Flipkart listing optimization. Listing optimization is the process to improve your product listing so that the Flipkart algorithm finds a product.  Here are some most important features of listing optimization.

  1. Products Title (make sure the title contain the most important keywords related to your products. You can’t create a title on Flipkart. Flipkart creates it automatically by picking the most important attribute. So we recommended check other listings on flipkart.com before listing products and find most relevant listing check the title and other parameters.)
  2. Product Keywords (Search Term) this is a 2nd most important point which you must need to add. Before selecting keywords for your listing do some keyword research. The Flipkart is accepting 3 words keywords so try to make the first 3 words most relevant to the product.
  3. Trends – It is another important point which you must need to fill. It is most helpful for the clothing category.
  4. Key Feature – Key feature will not show in the front end on the Flipkart but it is important information for Flipkart which help the Flipkart system to rank a product for the most relevant search term.
  5. Fill as much information possible for each listing so that you have a high listing score on the Flipkart.

6- Add Products in Various Verticals

It always increases your sell if you have multiple types of products. There are more chances to get more order from different verticals. Like if you are a clothing category seller you can sell on top wear, bottom wear, complete dress, suite etc to increase verticals.

7- Focus on Flipkart Account Performance Score

Flipkart has seller account performance, it is most important to improve the seller performance matrix. Flipkart account performance matrix divided into 3 parts.

  • Gold – Best performing seller will come under this category
  • Silver – Medium performing seller will come under it
  • Bronze – All new and low performing sellers come under it.

You can check the account performance matrix undergrowth tab on your seller panel. Under the performance overview, you will find the tier option to show different points which Flipkart is using for seller account performance. To improve these matrixes can contact Flipkart seller support or our experts.

8- Participate in Promotion Events

Flipkart is running daily and special event promotion; these promotions help you grow your sales. Flipkart offers 2 types of promotion.

  • Flipkart Promotion – Under these promotions the special discount offer suggested by the Flipkart system. These are a limited promotion where Flipkart system shows you eligible product for promotion and this will effective for the recommended listing. This promotion shows in a special position on the Flipkart website. Every big promotion and event (sale) you will find under Flipkart Promotion.
  • Freebies – Freebies are the products which you can give the buyer free of cost. You first need to add the product on Flipkart and after that, you can select the FSN which you want to list as Freebies and also select the condition and product when the freebies will apply. Freebies can increase your sales and also help to reduce return also.

9- Run Campaign for products visibility

Product visibility is important for sales if your product visible on the first page it will increase your chance to win a sale. There is 2 type of campaign offered by Flipkart.

  • CPC Based – CPC (Cost Per Click) is the most popular advertising between the seller, it charges per click and your product get most visibility during this campaign. You will charges only when a buyer clicks on the ads. You need to run CPC based campaign to increase product visibilities.
  • SmartROI Based – SmartRoI based campaign help you improve RoI. During this campaign your advertising budgets optimize for sales, SmartROI helps you optimize campaign budget and show the ads.


10-Become a Flipkart Advantage seller

Flipkart Advantage is a program where you can send your product to Flipkart warehouse and Flipkart team will process your order. Flipkart advantage helps you grow product visibility and sale. Flipkart advantage product work best for gold and silver seller.

11- Stock up your inventory

The high inventory also helps you grow your business, you must have high inventory for all product because online store work 24*7. Always make an inventory to best-performing products.

12- Generate External Traffic

Eternal traffic is also important to increase your products ranking on Flipkart. Use Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and other 3rd party tools to generate traffic. Traffic is an important factor to rank a product. You can use email marketing, SEO, SMS marketing to increase external traffic.

13 – Focus on Local utilization

Flipkart has an important ranking factor local utilization, that means if you focus on local traffic and sale it will increase your product ranking on Flipkart, It happens because local order deliver faster in comparison to national order, so it has fewer changes to cancel the order, and seller can generate more local external traffic so it will increase Flipkart traffic also. You can find this is an important factor under Flipkart account performance matrix. So try local advertising to get more local traffic.

14- Focus on Product Performance and remove bad products

It is an important point to remember, always focus on product performance if you find any product which has fewer sales and high return you need to sell out it or close as soon as possible. There are 3 types of product performance which you need to focus to make your business profitable.

  • Best Performing Products – High Visibility, High Sales and Low return should have always in stock and will generate 80% of your revenue
  • Medium Performing Products – High Visibility, Low Sale, High Return (this mean you need to improve products and check the product information on the Flipkart, if there any issue with the listing update it, Try to reduce product return)
  • Low Performing Products – Low visibility, Low sale, High Return (If you find any products which you are doing advertising more than 30 days but there is no clicks and sales or very few order and high return so you need to close these products as soon possible.

There are many products performance point which you need to check while you categories products.

Ecom Advisor has an expert team who can help increase Flipkart sales you can contact us for Free consultation call.