Flipkart is one of the top 3 eCommerce platforms in India and it has millions of orders every day. Flipkart offers an honest business opportunity to all business owners. Flipkart is the first choice for a small business owner to start their eCommerce business. But due to millions of sellers, there is a big competition to sell a product, and the seller has few opportunities to show the products to the buyer. Flipkart is working based on keywords (Buyer search Query) and it allows the seller to add the relevant keywords during the product listing.

Flipkart has an inbuilt advertising module to help the seller to increase their sales with a minimum advertising budget. The Flipkart advertising solution is very easy and any seller can start this by making a few clicks. But it is not so easy to get the right result from Flipkart advertising because there have its limitations and algorithms.

Why do we need to Start Flipkart Advertising?

Flipkart advertising (campaign) helps you display the products on the top pages for a buyer search query that increase sales chances of a product. Flipkart ads are an end-to-end advertising solution that lets sellers engage with targeted consumers

.Flipkart Sales Boost Services

Why use Flipkart Campaign?

Products Launch: When you plan to launch a new product and would like to get orders But due to the Flipkart algorithm related to the usual price you can’t tag products on daily promotion & event till you have a usual price for a product. We all know all marketplace love the new product. As a seller, this is your biggest challenge to show the product to the buyer so that it has some sales. You have only one option available now to start a campaign for the product and start selling.

Improve Sales:  The campaign help you drive sales for the product.

Improve Account Performance: Flipkart is using quarterly seller performance scores to set the position of the product for the next quarter. Flipkart has 3 tier options a) – Gold b)- Silver c)- bronze. This is important to increase the seller performance to get more visibility and the number of orders or revenue is one of the main factors of the tiering. So to improve your tiering you need to achieve the quarterly sale target and Flipkart advertising help you in this case. 

More Order if you are Selling Same Products:  Flipkart allowed product latching so that if you map any existing products on Flipkart so that time you would like more orders for that products in comparison to other sellers. Flipkart Campaign can help you get more orders for that scenario.

Actionable insight: Flipkart performance matrix you will get the data related to product view/ CTR/ sales/ and product quality which helps you to improve each product performance. For a new product, it is required to get this information as soon as possible so that you can improve the product listing/ pricing/ images to get more orders. Flipkart campaign helps you get this information within 48 hours. You can show the product to a buyer and check either this is going as per your plan/ expectation or you need to improve the product.

How to Start Flipkart Advertising (Campaign)?

Flipkart offers 2 types of campaign options.

CPC (Cost per Click):  

Flipkart CPC campaign is most popular and it helps increase the visibility of a product. The Flipkart CPC Campaign used when a seller would like to increase the visibility of a product. The Flipkart CPC campaign should be used for newly launched products and products which have lower visibility.

Smart ROI: 

 Flipkart Smart ROI base campaign is designed to get more sales for those products which already have good visibility and sale. The Flipkart Smart ROI advertising is fully optimized for the increased sales by giving the best ROI (Return on Investment). Under Flipkart, the smart ROI advertising system picks different sales attributes like price per click and conversation rate to match the expected ROI, in case the seller expected ROI is very high and it is not meeting with seller expected ROI that case the smart ROI system stop serving ads. The smart ROI helps the seller to get the maximum order in minimum spending.

How to Measure the Success of Smart ROI Camping?

Flipkart smart ROI is designed to get maximum results. So the system analyzes the process for a different group and the first server the ads to 1000 view and checks the performance. If the campaign doesn’t convert 75% of expected ROI the system stops the campaign. You need to collect the conversion rate for the last 3 campaigns for the product and you can expect a 10-15% increment on the conversion if you run the campaign based on smart ROI. So this wills your goal to measure the success of your campaign.

How to Start Flipkart Ads Camping?

Here are the steps to start advertising on the Flipkart.

  • Login on the Flipkart Seller Panel.
  • Click on the Advertising Menu Flipkart Advertising Services
  • Click on the campaign
  • Select Product listing that you would like to run advertising
  • For Smart ROI campaign selects the products which already have some sales. For new products or less visible products always start with CPC based advertising
  • Select the Campaign Type (CPC or Smart ROI)Flipkart Ads Management Compnay
  • Select the campaign date. By default, the “Till Budget End” option selected, to run camping for fix time uncheck the camping
  • Add a camping budget (If you selected the fix campaign date so check the option Equally divide the budget for all days so that your camping run for all days.
  • Set the CPC for the per click or Set the ROI which you are expecting
  • Click on the Next button and add payment on the campaign
  • Your Campaign will start in a few hours.

What do we need to do after starting the Advertising?

Once you start the campaign wait for 24 hours to reflect the data about the campaign, once the data start showing check the performance and start optimizing the campaign. If you have good analysis skills, it is very easy for you. If you face any issue to understand data you can ask our expert to check your campaign. Ask for 10 Minutes free Consultation call that helps you understand the data. Once you understand the campaign data you can optimize the campaign and get more from Flipkart advertising.

FAQ for Flipkart Ads Campaign

What are the Charges of Flipkart Advertising?

Flipkart Advertising working on CPC (Cost per Click) model, you have charges the bidding amount that you added during the creating campaign only when a visitor clicks on the Ads.

How Smart ROI Campaign Works?

Flipkart Smart ROI campaign design the get maximum return from your advertising budget. The Smart ROI based campaign shows the ads in a group of 1000 visitors and the system check the performance and according to that system shows the advertising to the customers who are most willing to buy a product.

Where do the ads appear?

The Ads will show on Flipkart website, Mobile app, and M-site when some visitor search-related products.

How does Flipkart Advertising work?

Flipkart developed a fully automatic system to show advertising so as a seller this is very easy for you. Once you setup camping on Flipkart the system start showing your ads on the related search query.

How to Start the Flipkart Campaign (Advertising)?

This is very easy to start Flipkart advertising.
Select the products which you would like to show in ads
Set the budget, campaign type, bid/ ROI
Make payment (by COD or Online)

What is the minimum budget to start Flipkart Campaign?

You can start the Flipkart advertising campaign from 1000 Rs.

What happens if my camping doesn’t use a complete budget?

If you’re setting a camping end date and due to low bidding or low click you’re camping don’t consume the total budget than your balance payment will credit back to your wallet within 5-7 days so that payment you can use for the upcoming campaign.

Can we update/ Edit the camping during the campaign running?

Yes, you can update the campaign during the runtime. You can add new products, increase/ decrease bidding/ and ROI, and increase the budget.

Does Flipkart Advertising work for my products?

Mostly the Flipkart advertising show all products so first you need to identify the best campaign type for the product, The advertising work for all products but the number of sales depends on a different factor.

How to Optimize Flipkart Advertising?

Flipkart offers different type of data report which you need to download from the seller panel and analyze the data, you need to understand the data to optimize the campaign. If you require any help to understand data you can book a free consultation call with our expert. Our expert will help you understand the data and if you need our expert help to optimize the camping you can book our camping management services.

What type of campaign do we need to select?

If you have a new product start with the CPC campaign and if you have an existing product that already has some order, start with smart ROI camping.
If you have any other query related to the Flipkart advertising or camping optimization, Contact us