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We welcome writers to contribute high-quality content to eCom Advisor Website.Before submitting articles, please read our guest writing guidelines below carefully. Articles submitted must meet all of these requirements to be approved.

What you get when writing for ECom Advisor?

  •  Connect with global audiences in our specialty (including our partners, customers, and social followers)
  • Share your bio underneath the article (including a photo of you, a link to your website and links to your social media accounts)

Type of Articles We Welcome

We love to receive practical inspirations for building a better E-commerce environment.
You are welcome to submit articles in any subject matters belonging to the classifications underneath:

  • eCommerce: Everything about eCommerce Industry– News, Tutorial, Tips, Best Practices, Development, Marketing, etc.
  • eCommerce Marketplace: Related to e-commerce marketplace (Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc) Updates, Tips, Books, Application, etc.

*Please Note: We extremely recommend that your blog and site topic should be about E-commerce or any E-retailer related.

Content Guideline

Below are the “Dos and Don’ts” guidelines for guest writing for ECom Advisor. Please check these out before submitting an article.


  • All submissions must be original content.
  • Please fact-check your story and provide sources for all of your information.
  • Show the right of ownership to any images used in your article
  • A post should contain at least one feature image. All images must be at high-resolution.
  • Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 800
  • Choose a great title.
  • Sub-Headings – Please split up your content with relevant sub-headings to make the logic flow easier for readers to follow.


We really need you to NOT:

  • Send articles that have been, or will be, published elsewhere.
  • Send vague, surface level articles.
  • Send SEO-boosted or promotional articles.
  • Send anything that isn’t aligned with our philosophy.
  • Send articles that do not fit any of our categories.

Process + Term

  • Please note that not every post will be published on ECom Advisor. Our team will reach out if we’d like to run your post!
  • Submit your article or pitch just once. Do not submit it to multiple editors.
  • If you are attaching a complete article, please submit as a Word document or Google Docs rather than a PDF. We encourage the use of in-line hyperlinks for acknowledging sources.
  • ECom Advisor has the perpetual right to publish and use the content on any of our current or future media platforms, including for commercial purposes unless arrangements are made in advance.

How to Submit Your Article

To submit your article, send an Email to writer@ecomadvisor.in Your Email should contain these aspects (in the right order):

  • Title Of Your Article
  • Article Body
  • Author Bio (Which contains your avatar, personal information,etc.)
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social media accounts.

After submitting your draft, please be patient and wait for our reviewing. It might take us a week to reply and let you know if your submission is approved or not.