The Amazon marketplace is the world’s biggest online marketplace offering e-commerce services and selling millions of products every year. Amazon is now covering 11 international marketplaces around the world.  Amazon world-class logistics solution – ‘Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)’ helps pack and ship your products to international customers from over 180+ countries in as low as 2 days. So there are millions of products added every year and it is becoming more competitive year by year. There is no matter for Amazon how big or small your organization if your products show on the first page of Amazon search results so it will get thousands of orders every month. But Amazon also has limitations to show products on their top pages so as a seller this is your biggest challenge to place your products on the first page of Amazon. Amazon is using an automatic system (Amazon Algorithms) to rank products. This is the biggest challenge for Amazon to show the best product to their customer. So Amazon is using the A9 Algorithms to rank products, there is no clear information about Amazon algorithm but there are some points which can help you to increase your sale on Amazon in 2020 and future.

Optimize Product Listing

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s likely that at some point that you’ll need to create a product listing on Amazon, Having product listings that are informative and persuasive can help boost your sales and product ranking. To get the high ranking on Amazon you need to focus on your listing. The listing optimization helps you get visibility on the first page. Many listing components Amazon is using to rank the products and it will directly affect the product ranking on the Amazon. As a seller, you need to follow the Amazon guideline for listing which will help you increase product ranking on Amazon and it will increase your sale on Amazon.

Product’s Title

For most categories, Amazon allows you a product title length of 250 characters, and each category Amazon has a title style guideline which you can find under product style guideline (Connect with us if you need Amazon Product Listing Guideline Information). It is better you can add the targeted keyword on the Product title. Amazon used the title information to generate a URL for your listing. The title tag is the most important for product ranking on Amazon.

Bullet Points

Amazon gives you 1,000 characters to describe your key product features. Most of the category Amazon offers 5 bullet point where you can describe the product and explain how to use the products, product capability and product care information which help the buyer to make a buying decision. Add relevant keywords in this place also can help you increase sales on Amazon.

Product Description

Amazon supports 2,000 characters in the product description. Amazon products description contains an HTML tag also so you can explain your product better here and do a basic HTML formatting. Amazon supports many basic HTML tags which can help make listing more attractive and informative for a buyer. Search Keywords

A search keyword is the one that is the most important factor which Amazon used to display a product for any search query. Amazon support 255 Character including space for search keywords and this limit vary for different counties marketplace. Use relevant search keywords on this filed and use 1 keyword 1 time only which helps a seller to target many keywords for a single product. Use Amazon autosuggest,, and other keyword selector tool. (Connect connect with our expert for complete keywords research).

Improve Product Image

Product images are the most important for the sale of a product on Amazon. Amazon supports 9 images for many categories. The first image should be shown only the main product which the buyer will receive with a plan white background. A seller can add more images to explain the product. You can use infographics to explain the product how to use the product and other important information about the product. Use an image with 1500*1500 sizes for better zoom results.

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Use Branded Content

Branded content (A+) content is an additional place where you can add media-rich content to explain the products, show the product utilization and care information. To generate the A+ content you should register your brand name with Amazon. If you have a registered trademark you can apply for Amazon brand approval. The branded content also supports video and additional images that help the buyer.

Get More Feedback & Review

Feedback and review always influence buyer behavior and most of the buyers read the customer review before buying a product. Amazon supports buyer communication by email where you can request the buyer to leave a review on the product and feedback for your service. There are many automation tools that will send an auto email to all buyers.

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Use Amazon Promotional Tool

Amazon itself offers many promotional tools to improve your sales. Amazon offers below are some of the options available on Amazon.

Campaign Management

Amazon has a strong campaign management system offer many types of the campaign to promote a product. The campaign management tool is one of the best ways to show a product on the first page of Amazon. There are several types of the campaign which you can select according to your requirements. (Get touch with us for Campaign Management).

Offer Discounts

This is perhaps the most common technique that companies use to increase their sales volume. Amazon offers a coupon and promotion option where you can set a specific ASIN and offer a discount. This discount will apply automatically during the checkout. The coupon you can also distribute on social media and can also run an email or SMS campaign to get more sales. Amazon is offering multiple offer discounts on the same ASIN during the same period so you need to check and implement it carefully.

Lighting Deal & Flash Sale

These are time-bound promotional offers to have your product featured on Amazon for 4-6 hours on their Deals’ Page. Lightning Deals display deal price, the percentage discount, percentage of claimed units and the countdown to when the deals end. It also includes the option to add the product to the cart immediately. To be eligible for Lightning Deals, your product must have a minimum of 3 stars and must be Prime.

A flash sale is perhaps the best way to push prospective customers into making purchases. The idea is to create a sense of urgency among consumers by offering something really special for a limited period of time. You can use heavy discounts, combo offers, and even early bird offers for this strategy.

Use Gifts for Branding:

Who doesn’t like gifts? Send gifts with your company’s branding to your loyal customers. This is a great way to ensure that your customers continue buying from you and it also establishes your brand presence.

Win Amazon Buy Box

How to get Amazon Buy Box

Amazon buy box is another Amazon algorithm to develop finds the best product at the best price. Amazon buys box help you when the product has multiple sellers.  Amazon offers some percentage (%) of buy box to each seller so they each seller gets some order. The maximum buy box percentage can help the seller to get the maximum order. You can check the listing buy box eligibility and buy box pricing under the inventory management option. Amazon offers auto pricing tools that help you increase the buy box percentage. Learn More: How to Win Amazon Buy Box.

Focus on Inventory

The In-stock inventory also very important to grow your account. Try to get in-stock maximum times. The products which appear more than 6 months can make more profit. Focus on inventory. If you are selling on multiple marketplaces than inventory management is the biggest challenge for the seller, but there are many software available that can help you manage multiple channel inventory.

Improve Account Performance

Account performance is the most important part of the sale. The account performance matrix depends on 3 parts.

1.            Customer Service Performance (All the order should be shipped, there is no negative feedback & Chargeback claim, A-Z Claim etc)

2.            Product Policy Compliance (The product should be original and the detail provided on the Amazon portal should be 100% authentic)

3.            Shipping Performance (The product should be shipped within SLA)

The seller must need to meet the Amazon seller performance matrix, a good matrix helps you get more sales and bad matrix may because of account suspension.

Apart from all the above information external traffic for a product play an important role in product ranking on Amazon. Use social media and email marketing campaigns to drive traffic and sales for your listing.

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