Flipkart is running a BBD (Big Billion Days) sale every year during the October and November months. This is a festival season in India and most of the Indian festivals, marriages, and parties happen during the period.  As a seller of Flipkart, this is the biggest query “How to increase sales during the BBS sales on Flipkart?” The BBD sales are the biggest sales event and each year it is breaking last year sale record. As a seller, you need to focus on BBD sales. Here is the step you can follow to increase your order flow during the BBD sales on Flipkart.

In this article, we divided 3 parts so you can plan for the complete season and get more sales and profit.

  • Pre BBD month plan
  • During the BBD sales advertising and growth planning
  • Post Sales Plan to get more orders.

Pre BBD Sales

There are many tasks you need to complete before the BBD sales; these tasks help you increase the sales of the products.

Update Products Information:

Flipkart system automatically updates the products information to match the product with the user query and this makes sometimes big trouble for the seller. The system removes many important features from the listing like search keyword, Key Feature, Products description. So this is a continuous process for eCommerce sellers to update the product information. Now Flipkart is allowing a bulk product update feature so you can follow these steps to update the Flipkart products in bulk.

  1. Download the catalog file from the listing tab. (You can only able to download the catalog file based on category)
  2. Open the File and review each filed and update the information
  3. Upload the file on the listing tab.
  4. Check the uploaded file under the edit listing option

Make sure you update all the listing information each month to get high sales on Flipkart. This activity helps the product update according to Flipkart’s latest update and ranks the product on top pages.

Adopt Price Recommendation

Flipkart system analysis the products price and match the products conversation rate (how many sales generated by each view) and according to the conversation rate the system picks the products which you have fewer sales due to price issue. You need to check the list of price recommendations and accept the price so that it will increase the sales.

Flipkart Price Recommendations how to use it.

Use FBF Warehouse

Flipkart is offering complete order processing for a seller and Flipkart has many warehouses across the country. If you send your products to the warehouse to the location nearby where you are getting more sales in the past 3 months, it will increase your chance to get more sales. These products also get the F-Assured badge leading to higher conversion. 

Add New Products

Flipkart System suggests new product listing according to the products category. These are the products that have a high sale on Flipkart but there is low inventory or out of stock. You can download the list of the new recommendation. The checks the new products opportunity visit the product opportunity menu under your listing tab. There you will find different type of parameter that helps you to know which product you should sale.

New Product Suggestion by Flipkart

Under the Product opportunity tab, you will find some tabs that help you understand the data.

  1. Best Seller > Products selling well outside Flipkart: More likely to sell well on Flipkart. These are the products that may be in good demand on other portals and Flipkart has the limited product. So before adding these products you need to do some R&D work on the internet for the real demand and copyright.
  2. Top Rated > highly rated good quality products: These products help you reduce the returns and increase the revenue. This also helps you increase the account performance because these products have good ratings and reviews and it is an important factor in eCommerce sales. You must add some products from this list but before adding these products you need to check the quality, pricing, and buyer feedback related to the products so that you can understand what point makes this product get more rating.
  3. Views > Number of times customers have looked at this product in the last 2 months. This shows the buyer is interested to buy these products and this will give you an insight into the buyer’s latest buyer pattern. If these are seasonal products so don’t list these products because the view increase for a specific time and adding a new product will take time. So for seasonable products, you can plan these products for the future, but if you are selling regular products then you can add these products.
  4. Sold> Number of times this product has been sold on Flipkart in the last 2 months
  5. Wish list> Number of times customers have to want to buy this product in the last 3 months, many buyers do R&D ad waiting for a special deal to buy a product. So when every you plan to list the products that buyer wishing to buy do some R&D on the factor, why buyer didn’t buy the product. Try to find the reason; if this is happening due to no inventory then you can add these products. But if this happens due to price then you need to check the ideal price for the product.
Flipkart Product Suggestion

Update Inventory

Product inventory is most important for any sales. So make sure you have almost 80% additional inventory during the festival season for your top-selling product.  If there is any product which re-filling is time taking you to need to add additional inventory. Follow 80-20 Rule. Focus on 80% top-selling products and 20% newly added products and according to your past 3 month sales plan your inventory.

Apply for BBD Promotion

Flipkart is allowing all sellers to apply for the special promotional discount during the BBD. There are many categories where you can add Pre-BBD promotion, if your categories allowed it apply for this also. This is starting to boost the visibility and sales of your product.

  • Go to growth >> Flipkart Promotion
  • Find the best offer
  • Download the eligible products list
  • Add discount and upload the file.
Flipkart Promotional offer.

Note: If you have a Flipkart account manager ask the account manager for a special offer deal. They can offer you the best deal where Flipkart offers additional benefits.

Make sure you apply the entire product in any promotion. Most of the ads run at the usual price and there may be many listings that you have done recently and don’t have the usual price. For all these listings go for listing promotion, basket promotion, and supper coins promotions.

Advertising Campaign

Flipkart advertising helps you increase the visibility of the products. You need to set up a special campaign for the Flipkart BBD sales. Here are the steps you can follow to get maximum benefits of Flipkart advertising during BBD sales.

Download the products sales data from the past 3 months and make 3 lists according to sales and visibility

  • Fast Selling Products & Good Visibility
  • Low Selling Products & Good Visibility
  • None Selling Products & Good Visibility
  • Fast  Selling & Less Visibility
  • Low Selling & Less Visibility
  • None Selling & & Less Visibility (newly added Products)

There is 2 type of camping offering by Flipkart CPC and Smart ROI bases camping.

Products Sale TypeCampaign TypeTargeted ROIPromotional Discount
Fast Selling & Good VisibilityROI15-18%Medium Discount (10-15% Off)
Low Selling & Good VisibilityROI10-12%High Discount (25-30%)
Low Selling & Good VisibilityROI8-12%Highest Discount (50-60%)
Good Sale & Less VisibilityCPC40% of Base BidLess Discount (5%-10%)
Low Sale & Less VisibilityCPC20% of Base BidMedium Discount (10-15%)
Less Sale & Less VisibilityCPC50% Of Base BidHigh Discount (20-30%)

You can follow the above table and make other options also according to your products category.

You should start advertising a minimum of 2 weeks before the BBD so that you can find a good ROI for your products.

During the Big Billion Days Promotions

Once the Big Billion day sales started you need to focus on share the promotion you are offering during the BBD sales to maximum users.

Social Media Marketing

Plan your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Whatsapp advertising and promotion, Social Media drive additional traffic, and because these days you are offering the best discount on the product so it increases the chances to get more orders.

Most of the eCommerce platforms is using remarketing so it also helps the marketplace to show your platform by using the remarketing platform.

Advertising Campaign

During the BBD sales, you need to focus on these points for camping.

  • Campaign Budget> the advertising should have enough budget for a whole day. If you find the budget complete, you should need to add more budgets. Focus on evening time most of the order place in the evening so the ads should be run on the evening
  • Download the Products report daily and check the keywords that are getting clicks but not converting the click to sale, Execute those keywords from the camping.
  • Update the CPC bidding based on the ads placement report. Try to increase higher bidding for the placement that you are getting more click and sales
  • Optimize the ROI for the ROI-based campaign. You can increase and decrease ROI according to budget consumption. If you find the budget is consuming very slow, then you can decrease the ROI and if you find the budget is consumed so quickly then you can increase the ROI.
  • Check the Competitor Ads and products price. If you find the price of the competitor is very low and you don’t have a margin in that price to avoid higher bidding, try to show your ads much far from the competitor so that you have maximum order.

Order Processing and Inventory Management

Opt-in all the listing to express or seller smart and try to process the order within 2 hours so that you can ship the maximum order within the first 2 days. After the first 2 days, you will find there is limited order come in your panel because the warehouse is full and after 2nd day the cancelation increase. Try to ship as many orders as you can process and ship in the first 2 days.

Make sure you have inventory for all the products, you must check the inventory each evening. You will get maximum order in the first 2 days. So make sure the inventory should have for whole shopping days.

Post BBD Sales

All sellers are facing big revenue loss due to returns; you can’t control the return so make sure you offer a fair discount on your products.

Doesn’t opt-in on any big discount offer just finish the BBD? Most of the time Flipkart runs other campaigns just 5-7 days after the BBD finish. So you need to check your product return policy. If your product is none returnable then you can add it to other promotions also.

Get a Review on your products

Flipkart is sending an email to all the buyers to place a review regarding their experience, and how they find the product. It is good you add some postcards to show the step to the buyer how they can leave a review regarding your product.  You can show some graphic ways to how a buyer can leave a review.

You can also ask the buyer to follow your company on Social media so that they know your latest products and special offers.

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